• What Makes A Great University?

    What Makes A Great University Higher education opens doors for students, teaches them the skills they need to succeed in life and encourages them to be independent thinkers. The top UK universities do all this and more. There are so many excellent UK university choices that it can be difficult to know which one is […]

  • Fantasy Books

      Fascinating Fantasy Books Fantasy is an all-encompassing genre. It can cover fantastical creatures that inhabit our own world unbeknownst to the rest of us; then there are fantasy novels that take us worlds away. The best of these novels have rich and dynamic characters as well as a well-crafted and believable time and place. […]

  • Book Cover Designs

    Wonderful Book Cover Design The old adage notwithstanding, reader can and do judge a book by its cover. The prospective reader at the local Barnes & Noble who picks a book up off the rack spends on average eight seconds looking at the picture on the front jacket and twice that looking at words on […]